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Additional Services

Cooking Lessons | Pricing Varies

Whether you are wanting to learn the basics in the kitchen (i.e. how to cook the perfect soft-boiled egg), how to meal prep for the week (i.e. set yourself for food success), cook a meal that is sure to WOW your guest(s) (i.e. Rosemary Crusted Pork Tenderloin with a Red Wine Demi-Glaze), or have a fun time in the kitchen with your best friends, I can help!


With a thorough knowledge in the kitchen, I can help show you how to make easy, delicious, nourishing meals that are sure to keep you on track to achieving your health goals, save you money by helping you to learn how to cook your favorite restaurant meals at home and teach you the basics you must have in order to feel confident in whipping something up, no matter what you have in the refrigerator. The tips & tricks I will share with you will be based on what your goals are and will be totally catered to you. Learning your flow in the kitchen takes time, patience and practice, but my goal is to educate you so you can find that flow and cook with confidence. 

I also cater to potential food intolerances & dietary restrictions. Truth is, I specialize in them!

Kitchen Clean-Up | 1.5-2 hrs | $175


Need help organizing your pantry or refrigerator?  Unsure what foods are serving you and your family’s nutritional needs? Should you be cooking on Teflon pans? Feel lost as how to reduce waste in the kitchen?


All of your questions will be answered during this kitchen clean-up session!  When we are done you will not only have a more organized kitchen but you will have a whole new set of skills to better recognize low-quality foods and how to avoid them, reduce waste in the kitchen and the tools you need to reduce toxic exposure in the kitchen.

Grocery Store Meet-Up | 1.5-2 hrs | $150

Vegetable Basket

Do you feel lost in the grocery store and unsure where to even begin when it comes to your or your family’s health journey? Feel like living a healthy lifestyle on a budget is impossible?


Navigating the grocery store, even health food stores, can be daunting if you don’t know what to look for, how to read labels or what foods are a must for buying organic. By the end of our meet-up you will feel confident in what to look for, where to shop and how to stay within your budget. This is more than just a trip to the grocery store, it is an opportunity to learn about how to make good choices from a professional. 

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